March 9, 2012
eBooks: eco-friendly, handy & awesome

I know. I know.

The whole eBook thing is sore subject among bibliophiles. We love our books, from the actual content right down to the way they look—and feel.

So as commonplace as eBooks are—and as much as their popularity is growing—some diehard bookworms aren’t sold.

Things are changing. Many customers stop me at trade shows to ask about the growing selection of eBooks offered by Traders Press®. We’re happy to keep adding at a steady pace. This includes our latest titles, like Robert James Waller’s The Summer Nights Never End…Until They Do: Life, Liberty, and the Lure of the Short-Run.

Technology in ePublishing has improved reading devices, making the experience more like reading printed books. But “cuddle with my Kindle” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue—yet.

I was definitely a hold out on eBooks, largely because I’ve been wrestling with the darn things since their infancy. Early on, they weren’t great.

Then I held a Kindle a few years ago. I was nothing short of covetous.

Ultimately, I got an iPad. My reaction? Pure joy. I have actually hugged the thing—more than once.

My iPad hasn’t changed the way I read. I still bookmark, highlight, make notes and look up words. I also can continue reading several books at a time, but without lugging them all around.

What did I give up for the iPad? Well, paper, and I’m better off. And until the voluminous, complete set of the human experience finally makes it to iBooks, I’ll keep hoofing it to the library. I also purged thousands of books from my home—another thing for the win column.

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