April 5, 2012
Around the Horn — a sure bet dinger

Some girls dream of being ballerinas or princesses.

Not me. As I sat at my grandpa’s knee and learned about baseball, I nurtured dreams of being a Major League Baseball umpire.

I’m not kidding —- not even a little. I love almost everything about the game. I’d tell you about the “almost,” but it’s such a minor, nit-picky thing that would make me sound nutty.

So will this: I’m a long-suffering Chicago Cubs fans. Today marks the opening of the 2012 Cubs season and puts me in mind of a unique book filled with useful trading insights.

Around the Horn: A Trader’s Guide to Consistently Scoring in the Markets by Adrian Manz notes the similarities between baseball, America’s pastime, and trading, an American institution.

Like baseball, trading requires sound coaching, honest self-knowledge and shrewd understanding of “the game.”

“They both started as relatively informal endeavors in New York and grew into massive institutions,” he writes. “Organized trading started under a tree along a wall that protected a city. The wall gave name to a street, and the street later became home to one of the most venerable institutions on earth. Organized baseball started in fields around the same city. Its popularity grew, and it spread to fields around the country.”

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